Routine Services

Providing vaccinations is a daily part of the job for our vets, and we strongly recommend vaccinating your horses against both equine influenza and tetanus. Influenza is commonly seen in the UK and can travel several miles through the air, and tetanus is caused by a bacteria that lives in the soil, so horses can be susceptible to both conditions even if they never leave the yard.

Vaccinations - Durham Equine Practice

All of our vets are accomplished at carrying out routine dentistry for horses. Dentistry procedures are carried out on the yard, and all horses are sedated in order to facilitate a thorough examination and treatment of the mouth. We recommend regular oral examinations (usually once a year), to ensure a healthy mouth and to address any minor problems before they become major.

Equine passports have been compulsory since 2003 and as of October 2020 all horses in England are required to be microchipped by law. We provide microchip and passporting services, and all of our vets hold a microchip scanner in the car so we can scan a horse at any time to check if they have been microchipped or not.

Horses being horses they often get themselves into minor scrapes and scuffles! Our vets are on hand to help treat any minor ailments, no matter how big or small, from asthma to itchy skin. We make extensive use of digital and online technology to help monitor cases after they have been seen (eg videos of lame horses, picture updates of wounds). If you have any concerns about your horse please don’t hesitate to contact us and organise a veterinary visit to help put your mind at ease.

We hold a stock of all necessary medications, and can provide prescriptions upon request for horses on long-term medications.

We offer a variety of reproductive services including mare scans and AI using chilled semen. Please contact the practice if you wish to discuss these.

The above is not an exhaustive list of our routine services. Please contact the practice on 0191 603 11 22 if you have any queries regarding any other services you require.

Dentistry - Durham Equine Practice