Colts and stallions can turn from “quite a handful” to dangerous very quickly. Therefore we recommend that all entire male horses who are not to be used for breeding purposes are castrated as early as possible in their lives. This ensures they can have a good a quality of life from as young as possible, as they do not have to be kept separate from other horses. It also means they are safer to handle by their owners, farriers, physiotherapists, vets… and any other handler they may come across!

We castrate the vast majority of horses under “standing sedation”, meaning the horse is heavily sedated for the procedure and doesn’t undergo a general anaesthetic. In very small ponies our vets may opt to do the surgery under a general anaesthetic, but all aspects of the procedure will be discussed with you prior to carrying it out.

Castration is not without risk and all risks will be discussed with you at the time of your appointment or before. We strongly recommend that your horse has an initial course of tetanus vaccinations (two doses four weeks apart) prior to having them castrated.

If you would like to discuss further or book in a horse for castration please contact the practice 0191 603 11 22.